Anasuria Hibiscus UK Ltd

Modern Slavery Act Statement


This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”)

and has been approved by the board of directors of Anasuria Hibiscus UK Limited (“AHUK”).



About Anasuria Hibiscus UK Limited


AHUK is an indirect,  wholly-owned  subsidiary  of Hibiscus  Petroleum  Berhad  (“Hibiscus”) which is an independent  oil and gas exploration  and production  company  which  holds a portfolio  of exploration,  development  and  production  assets  with  interests  in  the  United Kingdom, Malaysia and Australia. Hibiscus is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and its shares are listed on the Malaysian stock exchange.


AHUK holds participating interests in the following UK Continental Shelf Petroleum Production Licences: (a) 50% in Blocks 21/25a and 21/30a within Licence P.013 which is operated by a jointly-owned  operating company called Anasuria Operating Company Limited (“AOC”), (b)

19.3% in Block 21/20a within Licence P.185 which is non-operated,  and (c) 50% in Blocks

15/13a and 15/13b within Licence P.198 which is operated by AHUK, and which is currently at a pre-development stage.


Commitment against Modern Slavery


AHUK  is  committed  to  respecting  internationally   recognised  human  rights  and  labour standards. This includes a commitment to not employ forced, bonded or underage labour and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that there is no form of slavery in our business and supply chain.


Our Supply Chain


In its business in the UK, AHUK relies on international suppliers and local suppliers to deliver the products, equipment and services it requires for its current operations which are conducted through AOC.


AHUK abides by Hibiscus Group’s existing Code of Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) which has an underlying philosophy that the Board and employees of the Hibiscus Group will abide by all the laws of the jurisdictions in which Hibiscus has interests in. The Code sets out the minimum standards expected of our directors and employees and provides guidelines aimed at maintaining high ethical standards, legal compliance, responsible corporate behaviour and accountability  within the Hibiscus  Group. It may be noted that AOC has its own Code of Conduct which is consistent with the Code.




In addition to the Code, Hibiscus Group’s Whistle Blower Policy provides the directors and employees of the Hibiscus Group with a safe and secure method of highlighting any known malpractices or wrongdoings.


Risk Assessments


In 2019, we have produced this statement for the financial year ended 30 June 2018 in accordance with the Act for the first time following AHUK’s meeting of the threshold turnover qualification thereunder. We work to continually assess the extent of the risk of instances of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and to take reasonable steps to ensure that these have no place in our organisation and supply chain.


Training for Staff



We are committed to training our employees on an ongoing basis on our Code and Whistle Blower Policy to ensure that they are aware of the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and our related policies.


Next Steps


In 2019, we will enhance our efforts to bring to the attention of our suppliers our obligations under the Act and our commitment against Modern Slavery in our business operations. We also plan to have Hibiscus review its Code to include an explicit reference on the prohibition of Modern Slavery.



This statement is made in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Anasuria Hibiscus

UK Limited dated 29 March 2019.